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Girl Burned in Northern India in Possible Inter-Caste Violence

8 Jul

LUCKNOW, India — Police in northern India arrested a man who allegedly threw a girl into a pile of glowing embers after he caught her trespassing, an attack authorities said Wednesday may have been motivated by caste.

The 6-year-old girl is recuperating at a state-run hospital in Mathura, the north Indian city where the alleged attack occurred, said Dr. Ramesh Kumar.

She is considered a dalit _ a member of the lowest caste in India, where a system of rigid social hierarchy still lingers. The alleged attacker, Madan Singh, 22, comes from a higher caste.

Singh discovered the girl relieving herself Tuesday in a field he owned and demanded she immediately stop what she was doing and leave his property.

“When she did not respond, he simply lifted her and threw her in a heap of embers,” local police official Govind Agarwal told The Associated Press. “The cry of the girl drew the attention of the villagers. They came rushing and pulled the girl out of fire.”

Singh was arrested Wednesday and charged with attempted murder, said police official R.K. Chaturvedi. Police are investigating whether Singh attacked her because of her caste, he said.

A complex hereditary system divides Hindus into castes, and those on the lower rungs of the social ladder still face intense discrimination _ even though the system was made illegal nearly six decades ago.

In much of rural India, people of lower castes are kept from upper-caste drinking wells, barred from temples and kept out of village schools. Violations are often met with violence.

The attack took place in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, which is governed by India’s most powerful low-caste politician, Mayawati, a dalit woman who uses only one name.

Mayawati is the leader of a movement to empower dalits — the lowest class in India who were once known as “untouchables” — but crimes against them remain common across her state.

Limitless cruality: Nepal Brahmin Army & Dalit women

2 Apr

According to the fact finding report of INSEC, the clothes of deceased women and girl including their private clothes were found scattered in the spot where incident took place. One cave with 10 persons staying capacity is located in the incident spot. Kaulo herbs were found in the large bag with soaking of the blood, in the cave. The fact finding team also observed that in the 50 meter distance of east-west part from the spot, around two quintal of the herbs were kept for drying. It was also found that there beds and other arrangements were destroyed by fire in the north-west part from the spot. Tul Bahadur B.K. who was hiding  himself into the bush nearby  from the spot for around half an hour and returned back to the incident spot after hearing of his daughter’s crying. He had immediately been arrested by the army patrolling group when he returned back. The two women, who were killed, were his wife and sister-in-law while the 12 year-old girl was his daughter.

The army could have been easily arrested those army men who raped and killed  two women and one girl just like Tul Bahadur B.K. asall of them were hiding into the cave and weaponless and also not in the condition to encounter with the army. The limitless suffering of  Dalits in Nepal, the only Hindu Country are  unimaginable, Atrocitynews will take you to the full fact finding report …Nepal Caste Atrocity