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INDIAN ARMY is controlled by Hindutva Terrorist

7 Aug
BBC News at One

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A new and highly controversial phrase has entered the sometimes cliche-riddled Indian press: “Hindu terrorism”.

As with the term “Islamic terrorism” and “Christian fundamentalism”, this latest addition to the media lexicon is highly emotive.

It was in the aftermath of the 29 September bomb blast in the predominantly Muslim town of Malegaon in the western state of Maharashtra that the term “Hindu terrorism” or “saffron terrorism” came to be used widely.

That was because the state police’s Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) arrested 10 Hindus following the blasts and has said that it wants to arrest several more.


1.  Female priest, Sadhwi Pragya Singh Thakur, aged 38, who has been accused by the ATS of being involved in the Malegaon blast.

Hindu devotee in Nasik

2. Lt-Col Prasad Srikant Purohit,Indian army officer who the ATS says is the prime accused in the case.

3. Col Raikar and  Maj Prabhakar Kulkarni, retired army officer is also under arrest.

Police are investigating whether some of those arrested are members of a little-known Hindu outfit called Abhinav Bharat (Young India).

His vision was to militarise India to fight the British Government.

Military-style training

Its aim, as its website claims, is to “encourage students to take up careers in the armed forces of the country”.

Military training involves teaching students how to fire guns. The students are prepared for the National Defence Academy, the central government’s premier military college. The branch of the academy in the city of Nasik has many impressive buildings. One of them is used to impart military-style training to students, aged 10-16 years.

They have hired lawyers to represent her and at every legal hearing in Nasik supporters of right-wing parties gather outside the court and shout anti-government slogans. All eyes will be now be on the court proceedings -to find out whether “Hindu terrorist will punished by government.