Dalit Justice Dinakaran quits Due to Brahmin terrorism

30 Jul

Asserting that “in spite of my constitutional position, I have been denied fair opportunity to defend myself and my reputation by the Judges Inquiry Committee”, Sikkim High Court Chief Justice P D Dinakaran, who is facing False probe on charges of corruption and misconduct, today resigned from his post.

In a two-page resignation letter to Chief Justice of India S H Kapadia “sneaking suspicion that my misfortune was because of circumstances of my birth in the socially oppressed (Dalit family) and underprivileged section of the society”.

He said that he was resigning “in order to maintain the dignity of the office” and “to prove that I do not have any lust for the office, position and the power and to prove that I do not want to adopt any dilatory tactics”.

On March 16, a three-member committee of jurists comprising Supreme Court Judge Aftab Alam, Karnataka High Court CJ J S Khehar and eminent jurist P P Rao had issued a chargesheet levelling 16 charges of corruption and irregularities against Dinakaran.

Later, based on Dinakaran’s appeal, Hindutva Terrorist minded jurist P P  Rao was replaced by jurist Mohan Gopal in the panel.

I could not accommodate undesirable politically motivated requests/ demands while upholding my oath of office to render justice without fear or favour in the course of administration of justice, I have been very calculatively targeted at the instance of the vested interests (of Hindutva Terror minded),” his letter says.

Saying he had no faith in the panel, Dinakaran says, “..It is also obvious that hearing before the committee is just an empty formality. Hence, I have lost confidence of getting fair hearing and justice even before the reconstituted committee. In above factual background I am unable to repose any faith and confidence in the committee and in the procedure being adopted by them. I am, therefore, of the firm view that there would not be any gainful purpose in appearing before the committee in spite of my innocence.”

3 Responses to “Dalit Justice Dinakaran quits Due to Brahmin terrorism”

  1. Babu August 1, 2011 at 4:56 pm #

    It is unfortunate that echelons of high profile also do not escape from the clutches of the discrimination based on caste and creed. In the above context, a common man’s fate from the so called under privileged communities in India hangs in balance. It is a deep rooted conspiracy to target dalit judges who by a chance occupy the highest position, take the case of Justice K G Balakrishnan, it is portrayed as if he is the only chief justice who brought disrepute to the system, in such a case does it mean the chief justices who occupied the apex court since independence have an unimpeachable integrity, let the assets of the former judges be thoroughly investigated by the investigative agencies then the world will know who is what. At this juncture I want to thighlight an observation made by additional solicitor general of india during the course of argument in the case challenging the removal of Mr.Thomas wherein he said if integrity factor is taken an absolute criteria for selection no judges can be appointe in high court and supreme court.I do not say that corruption should be tolerated but in eradicating the same therse should not be even the slightest doubt that judges from particular class undergo the acid test whil others dont. Further media should understand that they are not from celestial bodies and their judgement wont go wrong. The privilege given to the media is at its maximum exploitation , they conduct a parallel trial and punish an individual even before he is adjudged by a system based on rule of law. If press can do that why should there be courts.If only when things go wrong because of a system failure they have a role to play not before that.

  2. Babu August 1, 2011 at 4:58 pm #

    I would be happy if the same is done without much change in the crux of the issue.

  3. Kinjal August 3, 2011 at 9:03 am #

    this a completely biased view ! a comitee of highly respected judiary members filed 16 cases of curroption against dinakaran. this is not something that can be taken lightly.. infact the dalit community should should come out in full force to denounce dinakaran. the fact that he is playing the caste card as a last bid is as dirty as is gets..to increase credibilty for genuine dalit causes – such people should be denounced !! this will also increase the credibilty of this blog as well as the dalit community in general.

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