Hindu Terrorist killed 15 of 17 Dalit children, says NGO team

26 Jan
Hindutva Terrorist Koli

NOIDA, January 19: A fact-finding team of human rights activists and social activists has claimed that the majority of children killed in Nithari belonged to the Dalit community. Out of the 17 children identified to have been killed, 15 came from Dalit families, it claimed.

The 14-member team that visited Nithari on January 15 to probe into the incident has also charged the Noida Police with negligence in registering complaints of missing children.

The team that included activists from non-governmental organistations like National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights (NCDHR), Solidarity Group for Children Against Discrimination and Exclusion (SGCADE) and Shristi among others found out that both the accused, particularly Surender Koli, were well-aware of the caste background of the locals and took advantage of their vulnerable status.

“We find that this is the crime of a very modern kind where children from suburban and urban areas were targeted by the accused. They were also clever enough to target only children who were not registered anywhere,” said Annie Namala of SGCADE.

The team also demanded stringent action against Noida police for lax investigation,

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